We are a dedicated team of watchmakers, creatives, art enthusiasts, and investment professionals who have embarked on a mission to bring the rich art and heritage of Swiss watchmaking to the world and make it an investible asset class.

Longevity by Design

Technology becomes obsolete, art does not. A mechanical movement draws energy from the movement of the human body – a symbiosis that only the owner of a mechanical watch will understand.


In a digital age where automation prevails, the art of craftsmanship grows increasingly valuable as the rarity of human work increases. At Zurichberg, we foresee a shift in the concept of exclusivity, away from a pure emphasis on price. Instead, we believe it's evolving towards acknowledging the scarcity of ownership, the allure of unique design, and the artistry of true craftsmanship.

The customer at the center of our actions

Individuality is a fundamental principle at the heart of our company. Each watch displayed in our collection has undergone a meticulous selection process to ensure its place among our curated offerings and ultimately, at the apex of your wrist. Providing individualized style advice is an integral aspect of our services, much like the accurate ticking of our timepieces.

Zurichberg Atelier

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CH-8006 Zürich

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