Why invest alone when you can share the costs & benefits?

Unlock the Prestige of Luxury Watches Without the Full Price Tag

At Zurichberg, we revolutionize luxury watch ownership. Join a community where access meets exclusivity and co-own the world's most prestigious watches

Invest Smarter

Broaden your portfolio with multiple luxury timepieces, instead of picking one. Choose your co-ownership terms and define which watches you want to wear, for how many times a year. We take care of everything else.

Data at Your Fingertips

Experience market clarity with our AI-powered platform that offers real-time valuation and forecasts. Track the value of your collection and engage with other groups and collectors.

Trading made simple

Enhance your collection effortlessly. Sell less favored watches and co-own new treasures with friends or or like-minded enthusiast. Our platform makes it easy to connect and collaborate.

Explore Your Watch’s True Value

Stop guessing and start knowing. Our AI-driven valuation uses advanced algorithms for accurate, real-time appraisals of every watch in your collection. Assess new acquisitions or evaluate existing pieces with insights that empower informed decisions. Register now and upload your collection.

Set Terms and Select Co-Owners

Choose who you invest with and set terms that work for everyone. Whether it’s sharing the pride of wearing a rare piece or purely an investment move, Zurichberg provides all the legal and logistical support needed to facilitate a seamless co-ownership experience.

Invest in Parts, Own the Art

Enhance your collection with Zurichberg. Invest in shares of horological masterpieces, from vintage classics to modern marvels. Curate a portfolio that suits your style and financial goals. Our platform ensures seamless, diversified management of your investments, balancing risk and reward.
Zurichberg Investment Platform for collectible watches

“Luxury watches have always had more willing buyers than available supply. And interest has exploded in recent years.”


"In the event of an economic downturn, fine watches may turn out to represent a safe-haven asset."

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Book Onboarding Call

Onboard for free by answering just a few basic details before unlocking your access to Zurichberg.
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Verify Your Details

Complete a straightforward verification process to ensure the integrity of our community.
Step 3

Explore and Invest

Access our extensive catalog of luxury watches. Use real-time valuations to build your diversified watch portfolio, choosing solo or co-owned watch ownership.

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Whether you're new to looking at luxury watches as an investment or considering co-ownership, you likely have questions. Below, we've compiled answers to some of the most common inquiries to help you understand how Zurichberg can enhance your investment experience. Dive in and discover how easy and rewarding it is to invest with us.

Our AI-driven valuation tool utilizes advanced algorithms and up-to-date market data to provide precise, real-time appraisals. This system is designed to reflect current market trends and conditions accurately.

Co-owning allows you to acquire shares in higher-value watches at a fraction of the cost. It also diversifies your holdings, reduces individual financial commitment, and offers the joy of sharing prestigious watches without bearing the full expense.

Co-owners can agree on terms that include wearing the watch. Our platform facilitates these agreements, ensuring that all parties are clear about usage rights and responsibilities.

Yes, our platform enables seamless exchange of fractional ownership. You can list your shares for sale at any time, providing flexibility and liquidity.

Every watch on our platform is accompanied by a digital twin that includes detailed asset data and proof of authenticity. We work closely with certified watchmakers and conduct thorough checks to ensure each piece is entirely genuine.

Zurichberg charges a nominal fee for listing your fractions on our platform to cover operational costs. Detailed fee structures are available in our terms of service and are designed to be transparent and competitive.

We use advanced security protocols to safeguard your personal and financial information. Investments are also protected through legal ownership documents and insured storage options.

Absolutely! We encourage inviting friends or family members to join the platform. You can easily create groups to co-own and manage watches as a team.

Our platform provides a dashboard with real-time analytics and performance metrics for all your watch fractions. This allows you to monitor your collection's value and make informed decisions.

Don’t Just Watch—Participate

Experience the thrill of co-owning high-end luxury watches and expand your horizons with Zurichberg. Embrace a new way to appreciate time.