Every watch you buy from us has been in the hands of our watchmakers and has gone through a rigorous inspection process before the watch is delivered to you.

The Authenticity Promise

Embrace the legacy of Swiss horology, verified for your peace of mind.

Zurichberg stands for an unwavering commitment to authenticity. Every watch purchased passes through the discerning hands of our in-house watchmakers, ensuring you receive a timepiece that is truly Swiss.

From an initial hands-on evaluation to intricate movement inspection, our authentication process leaves no stone unturned. We perform a series of checks including accessory inspection, timing and pressure tests, and anti-theft reports. It’s our assurance that you'll be wearing a piece of genuine Swiss craftsmanship.

We ensure every piece of your Zurichberg watch is factory-genuine. Every element, from the case material to the dial and the the movement, corresponds to the watch's reference number. We adhere to the highest standards to ensure your Zurichberg watch is a true representation of its heritage.

We uphold the historicity of our timepieces. All components—case, dial, movement—are from the correct time period unless otherwise noted. Our respect for provenance ensures your watch isn’t just a vintage piece, but a slice of horological history.

Flaviano Carrapa, Head Horology

Our master watchmakers delve into the soul of your timepiece, ensuring that every detail aligns with authentic Swiss heritage

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