Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)


To purchase shares in a watch, you should acquire one or more Fractions, with each Fraction corresponding to a 1% stake in the watch. Before proceeding with the purchase, we strongly advise visiting our "X" page to thoroughly research and evaluate the luxury watch.


Zurichberg is a marketplace that opens the gates towards a wide array of curated and certified high quality vintage watches, ranging from luxury watches to unique timepieces in unworn and used condition. All watches are authenticated in-house before being delivered to the buyer and fitted with a digital watch passport for unrivaled security. Founded to bring trust to the watch market, our platform utilizes technology and industry expertise to deliver the most seamless and trusted experience for both buyers and our suppliers.

All watches on our site are from trusted sellers and collectors, many of whom have been active in the watch industry for many decades. Before these timepieces are included in our inventory, they have to be greenlit by our authentication specialists and watchmakers as well as meet the demand for uniqueness that we guarantee our customers. This includes a full inspection to ensure the watches in question and their accessories are authentic, original and swiss made. It also assures that the timepieces on our site work flawlessly.

When buying a watch, we create an immutable and unforgeable digital passport, proving its authenticity and your rightful ownership.

Once purchased, we make use of a trusted and insured delivery partner, sending your product in our sustainable, swiss-made packaging material to protect your fragile parcel.

Generally shipping on the next business day, your watch will arrive at your doorstep in 2-5 business days within Europe and 2-8 business days in the rest of the world. We can also arrange for your watch to be delivered by a direct courier service or, optionally, by a member of our team.

With the rapid growth of the luxury watch market in recent years, counterfeiters and fraudulent sellers have become more prevalent. However, Zurichberg aims to alleviate any concerns and uncertainties associated with purchasing watches by offering a trusted platform. We provide peace of mind to buyers by ensuring that every watch sold on our platform is meticulously authenticated by our team of in-house specialists. Whether you have a modest or generous budget, Zurichberg takes the guesswork out of your watch purchase, allowing you to buy with confidence and trust in the authenticity of your timepiece.

Zurichberg adopts a digital and manual approach to authenticate watches, employing both digital techniques and hands-on methods. We register numerous data points for our products to vouch for their genuineness. Our authentication experts are adept at spotting signs of counterfeits as they rigorously inspect components from movement to dial, case, and bracelet/strap. Our goal is to provide you with a purchase that is authentic and exactly as described.

All watches that are sold on the Zurichberg platform are first shipped to our Watch Operations team to undergo an extensive authentication and testing process wherein our authentication specialists inspect all details of the watch and our watchmakers run a series of tests to ensure the watch is running properly.

In addition, all watch serial numbers are run through the largest available database of lost and stolen watches to ensure your watch does not have any open claims against it. Zurichbergs goal is to be the most trusted marketplace for watches and we guarantee our authentication process.

Should buyers encounter issues with their purchased watches, they can explore servicing options, or Zurichberg credit as per our Buyer Protection Policy.

Can't find the watch you desire? No problem! Get in touch with us via mail or via our website chat.

We work exclusively with established and reliable dealers. This way we eliminate the following risks for you:

  1. Authenticity: There is a risk of purchasing a counterfeit or fake watch, as private individuals may unknowingly or intentionally sell replicas as genuine.
  2. Condition of the watch: The watch being used, there is a possibility of it having damages, wear and tear, or other issues. It's important to carefully inspect the condition of the watch or have it examined by an expert before making the purchase.
  3. Lack of warranty or return policy: Unlike buying from an authorized dealer, you may not receive a warranty or have the option to return the watch when purchasing from a private individual. If any issues arise after the purchase, you may be responsible for repair costs.
  4. Missing documentation: Private sellers may have difficulty providing comprehensive documentation regarding the origin, purchase, and maintenance of the watch. Such information is crucial to verify authenticity and value. Ensure you obtain as much information as possible and inquire about documents such as purchase receipts, certificates, and maintenance records.
  5. Fraud or insecure payment methods: There is a risk of fraud or insecure payment methods when buying from a private individual. Exercise caution, especially when conducting online purchases, if the seller requests upfront payments or employs non-traceable payment methods. It is advisable to use secure payment options and consider personal meetings or involving a trusted third party for the transaction.

We do not source watches from private individuals. Therefore, all inquiries from private individuals will be politely declined.

For dealers, collectors, and watch manufacturers based in Switzerland, please click here.


Zurichberg currently accepts credit cards, Apple Pay, and wire transfers.

If you have any questions about payment options, please contact

If you've made an order but haven't received a confirmation email, there might have been a hiccup in the transaction process. To confirm, check your Order tab for the watch. If it's not listed there, the transaction likely didn't go through. Please try again.

If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us at

If the watch you received seems to deviate from its listed condition, please reach out to us within two days to describe the problem. You can contact us via email at

If we determine that the watch's condition indeed differs from its description, we'll provide a full refund or a suitable replacement. For more information, please consult our Buyer Protection Policy."


We offer worldwide shipping of your watch directly to your doorstep, utilizing our specially designed packaging. This ensures a secure and safe transport of your watch, providing you with peace of mind throughout the delivery process.

We ensure that all watches purchased from us are shipped with comprehensive insurance coverage. This insurance applies worldwide, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your watch is protected throughout the shipping process.

We strive to minimize your waiting time. Once you have made the purchase, we require 3-7 days for our watchmakers to conduct a final check of your watch, validate your certificate, and prepare the watch for shipment. For customers within Europe, this translates to a delivery time of approximately 1-2 weeks. For customers outside Europe, the delivery time is typically 2-3 weeks. In the DACH region, we usually deliver within less than a week.

Please note that it is essential for us to receive payment before proceeding with the order. These estimated delivery times are approximate and should not be considered as binding.


Yes, we do provide a return service. We understand that buying a watch is a substantial investment, and it can be intimidating to do so without seeing the item firsthand. Therefore we provide a no-fuss, 14-day return policy. Contact us for collection arrangements, and we'll compensate with store credit reflecting your purchase and shipping fees, excluding return costs.

  • Step 1: Within 14 days of delivery, as indicated by the tracking details, contact us at to request a return. Note that as the buyer, it's your responsibility to inspect your watch within this time frame. Extensions will not be granted due to factors beyond Zurichbergs's control.
  • Step 2: If your request falls within the 14-day window, we will send you a prepaid, fully-insured shipping label.
  • Step 3: Send the watch back to our office, ensuring all original contents - watch, boxes, documents, accessories, links, straps, buckles, and authentication papers - are included. The absence of any item from the original order will make it ineligible for return. Please follow the shipping guidelines (coming soon) for protection and full insurance during transit.
  • Step 4: On receiving the watch and confirming its return as per the Return Policy, we will issue a refund in the form of Zurichberg Credit. Restocking fee and return shipping costs will be deducted.

In the event your purchase qualifies for a return, either a full or partial refund will be issued based on the conditions below:

Full Refund Eligible Watches
The following items are eligible for a full refund:‍

  • Watches with any functional issues that do not pass our Diagnostic Standards.
  • Watches for which the condition does not match the description of the watch when purchased, as stated in our Condition Scale.

Returns for the above reasons will result in a full refund of the purchase price in form of store credit, or a free repair, according to the clients preferences.

Partial Refund Eligible Watches: If your watch doesn’t meet either of the criteria above, it is eligible for a return with a partial refund subject to a restocking fee (details below). Additionally, you are responsible for all costs associated with the return, including return shipping costs and any payment processing fees.

The refund is issued in form of site credit – Zurichberg Credit – less a restocking fee up to 5% of the purchase price 

Please allow 2 business for the refunded Zurichberg Credit to be reflected in your Zurichberg account.

Watch Journey

The Trade-in service is available for every watch which has been purchased from Zurichberg.

You will receive 75-95% of the original purchase price. The value adjustment depends traces of usage, revision expenses, or market price changes.

The purchase price of the watch you want to trade-in is half the price of the watch, that you want to buy (or less).

If you want to make a trade-in, send us a message via Please inform us:
(1) Which watch you would like to own, so that we can reserve it for you.
(2) Which watch you would like to trade-in.

After we confirm the reservation of the watch, we'll ask you to send the watch you wish to trade-in back to Zurichberg. Once received, we will check the condition and function of the watch and make a valuation adjustment of to the original price, which is at least 5%. If the watch is in a very bad condition, we can refuse the trade-in request.

Afterwards we will send you the invoice for your new watch, adjusted by the trade-in value. As soon as the invoice is paid, your new watch is on its way to you.


In that case, we recommend starting a chat with us. We are delighted to assist you in finding your dream watch.

We collaborate with dealers who have a wide selection of watches available. The timeframe for finding a specific model largely depends on the watch you are looking for. In general, we can locate any watch. In the case of highly limited watches that are not readily available on the market, we have specialists who will conduct a thorough search to find that particular watch for you.

No, there are no costs for our watch search service. However, we kindly ask for your patience as it may take some time to find the right watch for you.

In this situation, there are no consequences. Nonetheless, we will provide you with an offer containing pictures that will enable you to assess whether it is the desired watch.