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1. Dress-Watches

Dress watches are specifically designed to look great in formal clothing, frequently being very light and thin to fit under long sleeves and. They mostly lack complications besides simple features like the Date to remain subtle in just about every way. Those small watches and elegant watches commonly boast a leather strap, a silver or golden case as well as a design-free dial.

This category probably offers the widest array of different products and brands to choose from by spanning all price segments. From inexpensive manufacturers like Favre-Leuba or Bucherer to premium products from Patek Philippe or Rolex, all audiences can be adressed by dress watches.



2. Field-Watches

Those specialised watches offer a great deal of protection against any obstacle you may face on your daily adventures. Being widely utilised in both world wars for coordinating attacks, those watches became popular for private use after the enlisted men adapted those practical timepieces for personal wear. As far as features, field watches are built with resiliency and utility in mind. Their dials are easy to read, their cases made from sturdy materials and the often have useful complications.

Brands like Hamilton are a good place to get a quality field watch at a reasonable price.



3. Pilot-Watches

Just as the aforementioned field watches, watches specifically designed for use in aviation originated in the horrors of the first world war as air-based attacks became much more common and pilots were in need of a more practical alternative to pocket watches. As a result, manufacturers created a spin-off product with functions that helped pilots make their way through the skies. Especially chronographs, comparable to a small pocket watch, revealed themselves as an outstanding feature.

A wide range of high quality pilot watches were manufactured by IWC and Zenith.



4. Diving-Watches

Being probably the most popular subtype, diving watches combine outstanding design with the ability to withstand a substantial amount of water pressure, the corroding forces of moisture as well as significant impact. Their eye-catching bezels and distinctly sporty look truely differentiate those oftentimes quite large watches to become arguably the most unique timepieces, with the Rolex Submariner as being widely regarded as the most iconic watch ever manufactured. 

Most brands offer a variety of watches designed for diving, with the most famous of them most likely being Rolex and Omega situated in a higher price segment.



5. Racing-Watches

Lastly, we focus our attention on racing watches. These models tend to be flashy and packed with information, with one of the most common features being the tachymeter, which allows to to convert speed into time and vice versa. They oftentimes also have an integrated chronograph, resulting in a timepiece perfect for people that love racing culture and a watch that realy crabs people's attention.

Especially Tag Heuer is a brand that is known for their excellent racing watches.


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