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Luxury watches full of easter eggs

Easter egg hunts are loved by everyone. Be it movies, paintings, video games, or watches, discovering hidden features and details always adds excitement to any interest or hobby. Luxury watches often have hidden details, serving as functional design elements, anti-counterfeit...

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The history of military field watches

The classic field watch is undeniably difficult to surpass. Its versatility allows it to complement almost any attire, being able to withstand any the rigors one may be confronted in daily civilian life , and continues a longstanding tradition of...

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The Top 4 Rolex to start your vintage collection

Rolex Day-Date 1803 "Presidents Watch" The vintage Rolex Day-Date 1803 serves as an excellent entry point for those looking to add Rolex's flagship collection to their collection of timepieces. Often referred to as the "Rolex President," this classic dress watch...

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Why frequent service is important for your watch

It's easy to assume that after purchasing an expensive luxury watch, the bulk of the cost has been covered. However, that's not entirely true as the cost of servicing a complicated or even a basic mechanical timepiece can add up...

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How do I restore a vintage watch?

Like any well-loved item, whether it be a house, car, watch, or even a hip, consistent use can eventually require some TLC. However, with vintage watches, there is a correct and incorrect way to go about maintaining them if you...

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How do I ensure that my watch is original?

How do I ensure that my watch is original?

Differentiating between counterfeit and authentic watches has become increasingly challenging in recent times. The rise of "Frankenstein watches" has made it more difficult for buyers to detect fakes as counterfeiters use authentic parts in counterfeit watches. Gone are the days...

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How much did Rolex increase in price?

At some point in our watch collecting journey, we've all secretly thought, "If I had a time machine, I would go back and buy the complete Rolex stock," or "I wish I could get that full-set Paul Newman Daytona from...

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A beginners guide for investing into vintage watches

As low interest rates continue to impact low-risk investment and savings options like ISAs and Premium Bonds, many are exploring alternative investment opportunities. While cryptocurrency, index funds, and domestic share-trading platforms have received significant attention, the investment potential of wristwatches...

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Grande Complication - The Pinical of Horology - Part 2

In the second part of our dive into the world of Grande Complications, we devote our attention towards some of the most important watches in the history of horology falling under this term, pointing out the colloquial summit the art...

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