Enamel Paint Pocket Watch 18K
Enamel Paint Pocket Watch 18K

Enamel Paint Pocket Watch 18K

Enamel Paint Pocket Watch 18K

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From a time when watches were adorned by paintings

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This watch was made in the s

Model: Enamel Paint Pocket Watch 18K
Year: 19th Century
Scope of Delivery: zrhbrg Packaging with digital Asset
Diameter: 28mm
Glass: Mineral Glass
Case Material: 18ct. Solid Gold
Bezel Material: 18ct. Solid Gold
Case Back Material: 18ct. Solid Gold
Dial Color: White
Indexes: Print
Dial Handstyle: Louis XV Hands
Movement Type: Manual Winding Movement
Chain Connection Material: 18ct. Solid Gold

About the Watch

The town of Blois in the Loire Valley served as the origin for intricately adorned timepieces during the 16th century. This period saw the flourishing of a community comprising miniature portrait painters and skilled artisans around the French court. The potential hub for the enamel watch industry might have remained in France if not for Louis XIV's revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. The aftermath led to the exodus of numerous Huguenots, who, denied religious freedom, sought refuge in countries sympathetic to their Calvinist beliefs. Among these refugees were goldsmiths, mechanists, and enamellers who migrated to Geneva, where a modest trade in watches was established. Enamel pocket watches witnessed significant developments during two key periods: the first quarter of the 1600s and the two decades spanning 1800 to 1820. In the 17th century, these watches were meticulously crafted in gold and adorned with depictions of allegorical or mythical scenes. Notable among the artisans of that era was Pierre Huaud (alternatively spelled Huaut), a French-born craftsman who, in 1630, relocated to Geneva, founding a dynasty of celebrated enamel painters serving the Brandenburg court. Distinguishing themselves from the prevailing French tradition of pastel shades, the Huaud family opted for rich, vibrant, and translucent enamels in their creations. Until the early 19th century, such opulent items were exclusively commissioned by the European elite. However, a shift occurred in 1800 when requests for these luxury pieces began emerging from China.

About the Brand

In early eras, many watches were not branded, with watchmakers forging truely unique timepieces, often upon a customers request and customized to his wishes.

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